RAZ-SP600 Commode
RAZ-SP600 Commode
RAZ-SP600 Commode
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RAZ-SP600 Commode thumbnail
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RAZ-SP600 Commode

Brand: Raz


Raz-SP600 - a self-propel mobile shower commode chair that features a Multi-Position Back (with centre of gravity adjustment) and comes standard with 3” of height adjustment, an adjustable-tension fabric backrest, 24” rear wheels, 5” dual-locking casters for users up to 181 kg and 6″ dual-locking casters for users over 181 kg (up to 272 kg. Maximum), flip-up padded armrests, a commode pan, and a large moulded soft foam seat.

The easy-to-clean, polished stainless steel frame is designed for easy side and front access by the user or attendant.

Raz Mobile Shower Commodes are designed and manufactured in Canada to the highest standards with the benefit of being able to customise fit for each client.

RAZ are well known for their customisations, to view their customisations done for other clients, please click HERE to view the gallery.

You can also view the standard RAZ Accessories gallery HERE to see the range of different accessories available.

Ischial Pelvic Alignment System

  • Provides 2” of fore/aft adjustment allowing the seat to be aligned with the pelvis
  • Allows centring of the aperture (opening) around the users’ ITs
  • Seat safely locks in place for transfers
  • Seat can be removed easily for cleaning
  • optional spacers for anterior or posterior seat angle adjustment [Z491]

Tension-Adjustable Back Support Fabric

  • vinyl-coated fabric for durability, comfort and better infection control
  • provides individualised trunk support for optimal positioning and comfort
  • removable for machine washing
  • 20” back heights
  • double-stitched straps for heavy-duty use

Adjustable Footrests

  • Easily removable for transfers and cleaning
  • Swing in and out easily
  • Flip-up footplates
  • Adjust lower leg length without tools
  • Available in regular length 16″-20½” and extended length 18″-22½”

Commode Pan

  • Injection-moulded pan is designed for function
  • Includes a lid for splash and odour control
  • A wide handle angled at 45 degrees provides better ergonomics
  • The sloped front of the pan moves contents toward the handle to reduce offset load, thereby making it easier to carry
  • Receiver brackets under the seat are visible from the rear of the chair, making it easier to slide the pan into place
  • Fits in a standard autoclave and Arjo Tornado Washer to assist with cleaning.

*Not available on all scripted options

SPECIFICATIONSRaz-SP600 ⁠(Self Propelled 600 lbs capacity)
WEIGHT CAPACITY600 lbs (275 kg)
FRAME WIDTH ⁠(seat and back frame)22" (56cm) - Custom widths available
OVERALL WIDTH ⁠(with standard armpad)30" (76cm)
OVERALL LENGTH WHEN UPRIGHT (With Z709 Footrests)40" – 42" (101.5 – 106.5 cm)
SEAT WIDTH (commode seat)23" (58cm)
SEAT DEPTH (front of back post to front of seat)18” (46cm)
CLEARANCE HEIGHT UNDER SEAT5" (125mm) casters with pan brackets: 15.25" or 16.25" (39 cm or 41 cm). 5" (125mm) casters without pan brackets: 16" or 17" (40.5 cm or 43 cm). 6" (125mm) casters with pan brackets: 16.25", 17.25", 20.25" (41 cm, 44 cm, 51.5 cm). 6" (125mm) casters without pan brackets: 17", 18", or 21" (43 cm, 46cm, 53 cm)
ARMREST HEIGHT ABOVE SEAT(17” Adjusta-Back) 7" - 10" in ½" increments. (18 - 25 cm) 7” - 10” in ½” increments (18 - 25 cm)
SEAT-TO-FLOOR HEIGHT5" casters 20" and 21" (51 cm and 53 cm). 6" casters) 20", 21", 24" (51 cm, 53 cm and 61 cm)
PRODUCT WEIGHT (with footrests)5" (125mm) casters: 68 lbs (30.9 kg). 6" (150mm) casters: 69 lbs (31.3 kg)
FRAME AND HARDWARE MATERIALStainless Steel (Lifetime warranty against corrosion)