Our Testimonials

I recently had to purchase a new supportive backrest for my manual wheelchair to assist with posture (amongst other things). The help I got in selecting the equipment that was right for me was amazing and the turn around on installation really quick. Thanks for all the help over the years.

Angelo Papiccio

Id like to thank Jason for going the extra mile and getting my wheelchair put together and customised. I retract my previous review and found due to miscommunication AME copped the brunt of my frustration and were incorrectly blamed for a problem that was not their fault. I apologise for this error and i can see that we are both dealing with the same red tape that has promoted this frustration. Im extremely happy with my new chair and my first powered chair. Customer service was beyond the call and explanation and demonstration of my new chair was clear and simple. Thanks again Jason.

Victoria Brook

Very helpful bunch of people. Went above and beyond sorting out my equipment even though I had not initially purchased it through their company. Even offered me some loan equipment whilst mine was getting donne.

Pres Chu

Really great customer service provided by AME, their sales and servicing team are exceptional with staff ensuring that the client is well looked after. Thank you AME!

Marina Vranjkovic

Today I picked up my new wheelchair..... I was met by Jason, he was so Friendly and professional, he really knows his craft ... Jason it was a pleasure and thank you ...my wheelchair is amazing!

Alysse Holdsworth

Thanks guys for a great job on repairing my sons chair and always within the same day, thank you!

Michelle Frossos