Products by Batec

The history of Batec Mobility is closely linked to its founder, Pau Bach. In 1997 Pau was involved in a traffic accident that left him quadriplegic. He was eighteen years old and had, up until then, led a very active life. A passionate lover of motorbikes and cycling, he was in his first year of industrial design, which he had chosen because he wanted to become a vehicle designer. In addition to the after-effects of the injury itself, Pau had to struggle with an offer of technical and orthopaedic aids that did not fulfil his expectations, either in terms of mobility or in terms of lifestyle.

Frustrated with the situation, he decided to start manufacturing by hand his own mobility solutions: add-on handbikes that could be connected to his wheelchair and which incorporated technology from cycling and electric vehicles. Thanks to his inventions, Pau was able to enjoy a new kind of mobility that allowed him to practise sports, travel and get around autonomously. In doing so, he was able to engage in the normal life of a twenty-something year old.