Quantum 4Front
Quantum 4Front
Quantum 4Front
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Quantum 4Front

Brand: Quantum Wheelchairs


The 4Front is a silent, more reactive front-wheel drive power chair that boasts automotive-grade suspension with unprecedented comfort and ride quality. The 4Front’s CASE (Caster Angle Sensor Encoder) tech and SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) give it stability for smooth obstacle transitions and a one of a kind driving performance.

The 4Front features speeds of up to 10 km/h in the lowered seating position, and speeds up to 5,1 km/h while raised at 254 mm with Quantums optional safe seat elevation. Along with Standard LED fender lights allow you to see and be seen.

Drive wheelsStandard: 14" (35.56cm) flat free
CastorsRear: 9" (22.86cm) flat free
Anti-tip wheelsFront: 4" (10.16cm) flat free
Maximum speedUp to 9.6 km/h (6 mph)
Ground clearance6.7 cm (2.6”) (motor pivot)
Turning radius (without front riggings)62.25 cm (24.5”)
Overall length (without front riggings)101.4 cm (39.9”)
Base width61.6 cm (24.2”)
Seat width12" - 22” (30.5cm - 56 cm)
Seat depth12" - 22” (30.5cm - 56 cm)
Seat to floor heightStatic seat: 15.25" - 17.25” (38.7cm - 43.8 cm)Power tilt: 17.5" - 19.5” (44.5cm - 49.5cm)Lift and tilt: 17.75" - 19.75” (45cm - 50 cm)
Manual reclineYes
Battery size70Ah (2)
Battery weight23.4kg each
Available electronics120A Q-Logic 3 EX
Battery charger8A Off-board
Motor packagesTwo-pole, front-wheel drive
Weight capacity136kg
Base weight (without seating system)63.5 kg